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The Idols of the New Left

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Originally published on Europe’s World 1/12/2012

Author: Florian Pantazi

Regrettably, Western politics over the past 20 years have become less of a contest between competing political visions and more a question of which party is better qualified to implement the agenda of the global one percent (free markets, privatisation, salary reductions, tax minimisation,etc). Not surprisingly, in most Western nations the electorate has lost confidence in their political leaders.

A few days before Barack Obama’s re-election, Larry Summers published a Reuters commentary reassuring readers that the incumbent President deserved four more years in office, as during his first term he did not stray one bit from Bill Clinton’s political legacy. But were the Clinton years really as magical as all that ?

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Why NATO Needs To Play a Global Role

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Originally published in the printed version of Europe’s World Autumn 2012 issue and online on Europe's World.


Author: Giampaolo Di Paola

The Atlantic alliance will never be a “global policeman”, says Italy’s defence minister Giampaolo Di Paola, but it needs to do more to promote stability around the world. And that means building new links with other regional players

The system of international relations has entered what will very probably be a protracted phase of uncertainty thanks to the enduring difficulties of a number of western economies, the rise of new regional and global powers and the destabilising effects created by rogue-states and both criminal and terrorist networks. As a result, the Atlantic alliance will remain a pillar of international security for the Euro-Atlantic region and beyond. But its future pivotal role in providing security and stability cannot be taken for granted. 
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Un altro sgambetto al centro-sinistra?

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I politici e i poteri che si riconoscono nel centro-destra, quando sentono odore di vittoria per la sinistra o anche centro sinistra, ne inventano di tutti i colori per porvi un argine e avendo molti alleati con ruoli cruciali, spesso ci riescono.

Dobbiamo anche sottolineare l'ingenuità del centro-sinistra che, col solito e apparentemente stantio slogan della governabilità, riesce sempre a farsi portar via una buona fetta di potenziali elettori.

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