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The Steps Needed to Protect the EU’s Critical Infrastructure Against Cyber-Attack

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Originally published on 'Europe's World' October 1 2013, Autumn 2013


The more advanced an economy is, the more vulnerable it becomes to cyber-attacks. David Omand, who as a top UK civil servant dealt with cyber security policy, looks at the resilience EU countries need to build into their infrastructure protection plans


By David Omand

Visiting Professor at King’s College London and a former UK Security and Intelligence Co-ordinator and Permanent Secretary of the UK Home Office

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Though Choices For A Troubled Euro

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Originally published on friends of europe 04/10/2013



By Christopher Pissarides


One of the most exciting things about working at the London School of Economics is that we get to hear some of the world’s top thinkers and policy-makers. One occasion that I recall vividly is the visit of two great Europeans, Valerie Giscard d’Estaing and Helmut Schmidt. Europe had already completed the single market, the Berlin wall had fallen and the European Union was preparing to embrace new members and adopt a single currency.

I was completely sold on the idea. In 2000 I joined the Cyprus Monetary Policy Committee to help them bring the euro to the country and I worked on the teams in Britain and Sweden on the implications of the euro for the labour market.

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Europe Should Put People First

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Originally published on Friends of europe 27/09/2013

By Natalia Alonso

If left unchecked, up to 25 million more Europeans will be at risk of falling into poverty as a result of austerity measures implemented by a number of European countries. This figure, the equivalent of the Netherlands and Austria’s population combined, would see those suffering from poverty reach 146 million – over a quarter of the population – in a region historically lauded for its attention to public services. 

Austerity policies have long been seen as the only viable solution to the huge debt crisis experienced by many European countries, but as unemployment grows to record highs and poverty rates increase, the evidence suggests that these policies are not working. Across Europe the impacts differ, but all add up to the same conclusion.
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