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Britain and the EU – a sorry tale of collapsing influence and dishonest debate

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This article was originally posted on www.opendemocracy.net and then on Friends of Europe


Britain’s standing in the EU has never been lower. Over the last decade, the UK’s influence round the summit table has fallen to lows unimaginable even at the worst points of the Tories’ last implosion over Europe in the late 1990s. Day by day Cameron’s pronouncements take Britain ever closer to the exit door, encouraging the British public towards scepticism and Britain’s EU partners towards irritation or, perhaps worse, disengagement from the UK and its endless, ill-informed Little Englander EU debate.


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Scotland and Brexit: shockwaves will spread across EU

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This work has been previously published on Friends of Europe web magazine.


Brussels, 7 January 2016 – We are pleased to present our new in-depth policy paper looking at the upcoming EU referendum in the UK through the lens of Scotland.

The paper written by Dr Kirsty Hughes, Associate Fellow at Friends of Europe, is part of a series of policy discussions on Brexit.

Kirsty Hughes asks what would happen in Scotland if the UK as a whole votes for Brexit while Scotland votes strongly to stay in the EU. Scotland will find itself on the horns of a dilemma – there will be major political and economic costs to leaving the EU, but also significant costs if the rest of the UK is outside the EU while an independent Scotland remains inside, with the EU’s external border then running between England and Scotland.


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The Security Jam report ‘Reappraising global security: 10 key recommendations’

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Launch of the Security Jam report

The Security Jam report ‘Reappraising global security: 10 key recommendations’ was officially presented today, Wednesday 4 March, to General Philip Breedlove, NATO Supreme Allied Commander in Europe and Ambassador Alain Le Roy, Secretary General of the European External Action Service in Brussels.

Time was when foreign policy and security doctrines were the preserve of a few. That was before the information revolution.

Imagine a conversation in which several thousand minds grapple with the same set of problems within the space of a few days. That’s what the 2014 Security Jam achieved, bringing together almost 2,300 participants from 129 countries, delivering 10 concrete recommendations on how Jens Stoltenberg and Federica Mogherini might begin their respective mandates.


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